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Hexane and Hexene

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Draw the Isomers of hexane (C6H14)

There are 5 isomers of hexane ... here I show how you can come up with all of them.
n-hexane; 2-methylpentane; 3-methylpentane; 2,2-dimethylbutane; 2,3-dimethylbutane

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Alpha bb ee : i love u
ΝႮᎡႮᏞ ᎪᎻᎷᎪᎠ : Most satisfying 5 mins of my chemistry loving life after Wayne Breslin
Design Tutorial : Sir how many carbons we can take off from the parent chain for making the isomers??
Àdìtyà Prìyàñshü : Thanx sir
It's awsome
Ali Usman : Last one was 3,3 dimethylbutane man
But you are good teacher
Lavina Lena Livia : Very helpful, thanks a lot!
Vidyawati Yadav : Thank you sir for this beautiful explanation .You explained in a great manner and easy also
BHAVYA LUTHRA : Love from India
Class 8th☺
Vagus : long shot as this video is 7 years old but people are still replying, 1 thanks for the video. 2 why is the last one not 3,3 - dimethylbutane?
Akash Singh : the title should be structural isomers

Methanol, Acetone, Hexane, Cyclohexanol, and Toluene combustion reactions

Scrimshaw Games : I understand ty
Barnstormer : what is ithis for?
Sandra Chaun : Pour quoi le toluène fume noir contrérment aux autres.
Jai Shetty : good work




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